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Laat dit pomp vir die boere

Droogtehulp met Burre Burger doen n minimum van 2 Uitreike na Boere elke maand, met voer wat weekliks aktief na Boere gestuur word. Ons Borg n Boerkind projek het ook al meer as R4,000,000 se bystand aan skool en koshuis gelde betaal, sowel as Chroniese en Mediese maandelikse rekeninge.



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The number of trucks sent to Drought stricken areas since 6 March 2017

 R380,000,000 +

Value added to agriculture in South-Africa and Namibia

3 300 000 L

The amount of diesel burned to help farmers in need

3 600 000 KM

The distance traveled by Truck Drivers based on an average of 1200km per truck

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"Since the first load we sent on 6 March 2017 - I knew I would be supporting Farmers for as long as I can"

Adam Tas



6 Maart 2017

When Burre Burger sent the first load on this date, he knew that there is a lot more that the eye don't see. It simply won't be enough, and Droogtehulp was born.

To send 600 loads each year is not an easy task. It can only be done with the continous support of donaters with hearts of gold. Droogtehulp relies on the public, and runs independantly from other organitasions, as well as the government..

By supporting Droogtehulp with Burre Burger, you are sending hope to farmers all over our country, who needs it now more than ever. Your ongoing support is highly appreciated.

"When you see the tears of a hopeless farmer, and the the tears of him being happy, you realise your tears don't have much value.. This is why I keep supporting”

Pierre Rossouw

"When you open your eyes and see what we see, you will understand why we keep on supporting Droogtehulp with Burre Burger."



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